Prevention & Outdoor Adventure Services

Proven Strategies and Innovative Ideas

Prevention Services provide a wide range of age appropriate, culturally relevant, and proven effective programs and strategies. Programs, such as our parenting education services are designed to support families and promote healthy choices while preventing problems associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. Community Strategies are chosen based on needs identified through surveys, listening sessions and data. Many strategies are designed to have the greatest impact on the largest number of people in a community by providing support to existing systems. Our merchant education program which supports merchants checking identification for tobacco and alcohol purchases reduces underage access. This wide range of services make our community stronger and healthier.

Prevention is a public health population level service. Focus areas include strategic planning with community stakeholders, policy education advocacy, community mobilization and targeted media messaging. This affects how numbers served are counted and how outcomes are measured. Research has shown this approach provides greater long-term impact with limited resources and funding.

  • Youth, Family, and Community Prevention Programs
  • Community Building and Technical Assistance
  • Experiential (Interactive) Education Activities
  • Substance Misuse Education Training
  • Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Life Skills Education

Parenting Programs (Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender):

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Outdoor Adventure Programs

Outdoor Adventure programs offer an opportunity for participants to experience a dynamic learning environment that reinforces communication, trust, teamwork, and decision-making skills through:

  • Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Increasing self-perception and self-esteem
  • Learning new ways to approach and solve problems

Best practice models and industry standards are followed for these programs.

Programs include:

  • High Adventure Challenge
  • Low Challenge Course
  • Overnight Camping and Survival Skill Building opportunities
  • Group Team Building
  • Adventure Parties
  • Portable Programs (where we bring the team building events to you)

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For more information on Coastal Horizons Prevention Services, please visit our website at coastalpreventionresources.org.

Regional Priorities (New Hanover, Brunswick & Pender)

Root Cause Data collected includes Focus Groups, Surveys, Local/Regional Data and Interviews with Community Leaders.

Community Risk Factors Easy Access (At Home) (Retail Sales/Events) Parental Provision (*Rite of Passage) (**Sharing Meds) Low Perception of Harm (Disregard for Consequences) Favorable Social Norms (Conditions Promoting Use)
Underage Drinking*XXXX
Prescription Drug Misuse & Non-Medical Use**XXXX
Vaping & Electronic CigarettesXXXX