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DWI Services

Coastal Horizons is currently offering DWI telehealth services to include assessment, group sessions, and individual sessions.

A DWI Substance Use Assessment is required of everyone who is convicted of Driving While Impaired in the state of North Carolina.

A DWI Substance Abuse Assessment is an alcohol and drug assessment consisting of an interview and a structured assessment questionnaire to determine if a person has a problem with alcohol or drugs.

Coastal Horizons Center is fully licensed by NC DWI Services and will assist you with your assessment in a professional, confidential and timely manner.

What we need from you to complete your assessment:

  • A copy of your lifetime driving record from the DMV.  It must be signed or stamped by the NC DMV.
  • Verification of your Breathalyzer or blood test reading. This can also be obtained from your attorney, the Clerk of Court or possibly from the North Carolina DMV.
  • Fee payment of $100 for the assessment
  • DWI ticket

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment for virtual DWI services, please call 910-259-0668 or email us at [email protected].