Incredible Years

Available in both New Hanover and Pender Counties, the Incredible Years Parenting Program is a research-based program that encourages healthy development in children ages 6-12 by strengthening parenting skills and developing positive methods for managing children’s challenging behaviors.  As part of the program, parents and/or caregivers attend weekly group sessions for 16 weeks.  Money and prize incentives are offered for participating in and completing the program.

Program Goals

  • Promote social, emotional, and academic skill in children
  • Promote parental skill and strengthen families
  • Promote a stronger connection between school and home
  • Prevent and reduce behavioral problems in children

With the Incredible Years program, parents learn how to :

  • Play with their children
  • Offer praise and rewards
  • Create household rules and set limits
  • Use positive discipline methods
  • Partner with teachers so that they can promote children’s academic, social, and emotional skills


Nicole Malnar Spence, Lead Facilitator

Laurel Revette, Co-Facilitator