What our clients say

Success stories like these are made possible by the dedicated staff at Coastal Horizons and generous donations from people like you.  If you'd like to share your experience, or change someone's life for the better, contact us or learn about supporting our mission today!


"Everybody here is really concerned about my health and my well-being."

Scott tells us about his experience with ongoing follow-up care after completing the IOP Program at Coastal Horizons.


"Coastal Horizons has saved my life."

Lona tells us about the services she's most benefited from at Coastal Horizons, including Primary Care and Horizons Housing.


"The doctors at Primary Care are wonderful."

Toni expresses her gratefulness for Coastal Horizons'Primary Care services.


"If this program wasn't here I'm not sure where we would be right now."

Jesse and her partner were able to treat a previously undiagnosed illness and find housing for her family thanks to Coastal Horizons.


"For the first time in my life, I have a year of sobriety."

Marshall was able to celebrate a year of sobriety rebuild a relationship with his wife and family with the help of
Coastal Horizons.